17 January 2022 19:47

How Do I Start Blogging on Instagram?

How Do I Start Blogging on Instagram?

Everyone knows that now Instagram takes the leading place among all social networks in terms of popularity. The number of users increases daily by several hundred thousand.

You might think it's too late to register your Instagram account, promote it, gain followers and make money. But this is a misconception. In this article, we will familiarize ourselves with the basics of blogging on Instagram in order to start successfully developing on this social network.

Filling in the profile header

After completing the simplest registration, Instagram will offer you to fill out a profile. In this social network, it's called Header. It's located just below the main page photo and acts as a «summary» of the blog.

The profile header is the business card of the page. First of all, subscribers pay attention to it, and only then to the page. Therefore, you need to know how to properly design it.

  1. Nickname of your page. The name of your blog, brand and store on your Instagram account should be light, memorable and simple. Subscribers will find a page on a social network by nickname. We recommend using the following tips:
    • don't use numbers if they are not included in the name of your store or brand;
    • don't include a nickname with a large number of characters (points or underscores);
    • don't alternate capital letters with other letters (for example, InStAgRaM), since this doesn't attract attention, but on the contrary repels;
    • if the page was created for an online store, then indicate the purpose in the nickname (that is, write the word «Shop»).
  2. The main photo of the page is an avatar. If the blog is personal, then the blogger's face should be clearly visible in the photo. If the page was created for a store, then a logo or a picture associated with this store is placed on the avatar. Some users set a photo of the product being sold. Thus, you can interest subscribers, and they will definitely look at the page. You need to consider some nuances before choosing a photo for your avatar:
    • the best photo size is 150x150;
    • if the photo contains inscriptions, then use large fonts;
    • choose contrasting shades in relation to the white background;
    • the main photo of the page must be framed in the same style as the account visual.
  3. Description is the transfer of the essence of the page's existence in 2-3 sentences. Keep your description short but clear and interesting.
    • In the «Profile name» block, write the basis for the target audience. A few words, after which subscribers will immediately understand whether this account suits them according to their interests.
    • In the «About Me» section, write some engaging facts about an individual (if it's a personal blog) or about a brand/store (if it's a commercial account). The sentences should be short, but very interesting to the target audience.

Writing posts

You need to publish literate, readable, and interesting texts in order to get success from your published post, and so that people pay attention to it.

Here are some of the main points for writing posts:

  • The text should be useful for subscribers;
  • The topic of the post should be combined with the main purpose of blogging (if you have a culinary blog, then the posts should be about cuisine, food, and so on);
  • Subscribers must trust the account, so back up the texts with knowledge from various sources (personal experience, information from books, etc.);
  • The events described in the post must be up-to-date;
  • Make your texts emotional, and you have a better chance of getting your followers interested or encouraging them to buy.

The feed and its visual

When people visit Instagram profiles, they pay attention not only to individual posts, but also to the overall design of the account. Therefore, a beautifully and aesthetically designed feed visual plays an important role in the development of the page.

First, you need to choose one shade, which will become the main one for your account. Posts, videos, main photo and relevant stories should be combined and have a common shade.

The initial goal of creating Instagram is to create a social network for posting photos. At the moment, people are posting both videos and photos. Therefore, the picture quality must be high. Sometimes the beauty of the photo matters more than the text in the post itself.

In general, Instagram can be mistaken for a glossy magazine. This is probably why many bloggers pay so much attention to the visual part of blogging. A profile or post photo is the face of an account, personality, brand, store.

  1. Only add high quality photos/videos to your feed.
  2. Subscribers initially pay attention to the picture, and only then to the text, so the photo should be attractive from the first minute.
  3. You can apply your own filters to make the page stand out from other bloggers.
  4. You need to add different types of photos to the feed. Alternate detailed pictures with full-size ones.
  5. Take photos in good lighting so that the picture quality is much higher.


Subscribers of any blogger are divided into 2 types: some only watch stories, while others read only posts. Therefore, keeping stories daily is the responsibility of any blogger.

You need to post at least 10 stories per day. The audience will know that the page is live. In addition, they themselves will take part in this activity: answer in Direct, ask questions, be interested in the product. All of this increases engagement.

Stories should also match the color scheme of the entire page. When the entire account is completely designed in the same style, subscribers will be pleased to visit the profile every time.

We also recommend alternating the formats of stories: blogger's face, side view, shooting details, street, room, and so on. The content should be interesting and varied for the target audience.

Blogging on Instagram is a profession that needs to be learned in order to develop a profile quickly and correctly. A beautifully designed account is half the success in development.