Terms of use


  1. When using these services, the User agrees to comply with all conditions and restrictions, as specified in this Agreement, which is in accordance with the public offer.
  2. Using the Service or using any of its functionality, contacting any page of the Service, the User expresses his unconditional acceptance of all the terms of this Agreements and undertakes to comply with them or stop using the Service, on the following conditions:

Terms and definitions

Service is a software service located and available at https://instanavigation.com. Through The Service provides Services to Users. The service is an information resource and carries out its activities strictly in compliance with applicable law.

User - a capable individual who wants to receive and / or receives Services from the Administration through the Service.

Services - free services provided by the Administration to the User through the Service, including anonymous viewing of third-party stories on the Instagram social network (https://www.instagram.com), and viewing posts, comments, trending, IGTV and general profile information.

Content - stories, publications, comments, other information owned by third parties and posted by them in social network Instagram.

Subject of Agreement

  1. This Agreement is concluded between the Administration and the User. The administration is providing Users of the Service for the purpose of anonymous viewing through the Service of third-party Content on the network Instagram.
  2. The user is obliged to fully familiarize himself with this Agreement before the start of use. Service.
  3. The agreement also applies to relations related to the rights and interests of third parties, not who are Users of the Service, but whose rights and interests may be affected as a result of actions Service users.
  4. The contractual relationship between the Administration and the User is considered to be duly executed from the moment acceptance of the offer of the Administration and do not require bilateral signing in writing. Relationship Parties do not require bilateral signing of a document in writing. The agreement is valid electronically form.
  5. This Agreement may be amended and / or supplemented by the Administration unilaterally ok if otherwise not provided by applicable law. The user undertakes to regularly check the conditions of this Agreement for changes and / or additions. Continuing to use the Service By the User after making changes and / or additions to this Agreement means acceptance and consent User with such changes and / or additions.
  6. In case of disagreement of the User with this Agreement or its updates, the User undertakes refuse to use the Service. The User's refusal to use the Service does not terminate non-exclusive rights of the Administration to the information received from the User, which was used By the Administration until the decision is made to refuse in the manner prescribed by this Agreement, if a otherwise not provided by applicable law.
  7. The parties provide mutual guarantees of their rights and legal capacity necessary for conclusions and execution of this document.
  8. Registration of the User on the Service is not carried out.

Terms of Service. Content Rights

  1. Any illegal use of this Service, information and other materials posted on the Service.
  2. The content is subject to the exclusive rights of third parties (copyright holders).
  3. The User's use of the Content for personal, non-commercial purposes is possible, provided that all copyright protection marks, trademarks, and the preservation of the corresponding object in unaltered form. The exceptions are cases directly provided for by law.
  4. The Administration does not post Content on its servers. All Content is stored on the servers of the social network Instagram (https://www.instagram.com).
  5. The service is not affiliated in any way with Facebook and Instagram. Data from Instagram and Facebook are protected copyright and belongs to the indicated networks and / or authors.
  6. By using the Service, the User agrees:
  7. Do not download copyrighted Content.
  8. Do not copy or distribute Content uploaded using the Service.
  9. The service is intended solely for personal use.
  10. The copyright owner (rightholder) for any Content may at any time refer to Administration at info@instanavigation.com in order to block the download of any Content. When the legality of such requirements, the Administration undertakes to block the download within 10 (ten) days such Content.
  11. The use of the Service depends on the will of the User, the Administration is not responsible for User-uploaded Content.
  12. The service cannot be used to develop a third-party site. Websites that can use The service is remotely subject to immediate blocking by the Administration.

Rights and obligations of the parties

  1. The user undertakes:
  2. When working with the Service, do not violate the current legislation, do not use the Service in illegal purposes.
  3. Regularly get acquainted with the current content of this Agreement posted on the Service.
  4. Do not distribute information that could harm the Administration to third parties.
  5. Do not distribute materials without the consent of the copyright holders.
  6. The user has the right to:
  7. Access to the Service at any time, except for the time of preventive maintenance and failures that do not depend on from the will of the Administration.
  8. Use the Service within the limits of its functionality and on the conditions established by this Agreement.
  9. Use the Service for personal purposes.
  10. The administration undertakes:
  11. Provide the User with access to the Service.
  12. Provide the User with complete and reliable information about the Service at his request.
  13. Ensure the operation of the Service in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
  14. Provide technical support to the User, including on issues related to functionality Of the Service and the services provided, as well as the features of the operation of the Service.
  15. Remove illegal Content at a reasonable request from copyright holders and government agencies.
  16. The administration has the right:
  17. Suspend access to the User unilaterally out of court, in cases of material violation The user of the terms of this Agreement, including in the event of a complaint from third parties about breaking The user of exclusive rights to the Content.
  18. Change the terms of the Agreement unilaterally.
  19. Change the Service, its content, functionality and user interface in your own way discretion.
  20. Suspend the operation of the Service at any time without prior notice in order to update the Service, carrying out preventive work, in the event of technical failures, by the action and / or inaction of third parties and by for other reasons beyond the control of the Administration.

Responsibilities of the parties

  1. The user understands and agrees that he must independently assess all the risks associated with use of the Service, including an assessment of its reliability, completeness or usefulness.
  2. The Administration cannot guarantee 100% continuous, fast, reliable and error-free operation of the Service. Also, the Administration does not guarantee that the results that can be obtained using services Of the Service, will be accurate, reliable, will meet the requirements of the User and can be used for official confirmation of any facts.
  3. The administration is not responsible for the Content posted by the authors (copyright holders) in the social the Instagram network (https://www.instagram.com) and is in no way connected with their activities.
  4. The administration is not responsible for opening third-party accounts if the account page is an private (in this case, opening is impossible).
  5. The administration does not condone the use of the Service to download copyrighted Content without consent of the legal owner (copyright holder).
  6. The administration does not confirm and is not responsible for the accuracy and legality of use By the User of the Content used by him independently when using the Service, taken from external sources not related to the Administration.
  7. The user understands and agrees that the Service is provided "as is" and "in the available scope", in in accordance with generally accepted principles in international practice.
  8. The administration disclaims (does not provide) all guarantees of any kind, explicit, implied or legal in relation to the Service, including guarantees of a legal nature, suitability for specific purposes or no violation of the rights of third parties.
  9. .In accordance with the current legislation, the Administration disclaims responsibility for respect Service, content and their use. Under no circumstances will the Administration bear liability to any party for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential damage in as a result of any use of the Content on the Service or on any other site that has hyperlink with Service, the emergence of addiction, decreased productivity, dismissal or interruption of work activity, and and deductions from educational institutions, for any lost profit, suspension of economic activities, loss of programs or data in the User's information systems or otherwise, arising in connection with access, use or inability to use the Service, content or any linked site, or inoperability, error, omission, interruption, defect, downtime or delay in transfer, computer virus or system failure, even if the Administration is explicitly put in fame about the possibility of such damage.
  10. The User understands and agrees that he uses the Content by using the Service on in its sole discretion and at its own risk, will be solely responsible for any negative effects.
  11. The user understands that the use of the Content is not allowed without the written permission of the author or copyright holder.

Dispute Resolution Procedure

  1. In the event of disputes and disagreements arising in connection with the execution of this Agreement and use of the Service, Content, should be resolved through negotiations with the Administration, which will not exceed 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of receipt of the initial notification from the User, third parties.
  2. In case of failure to reach agreement between the parties on the disputed issues, all disputes and disagreements must considered by the court at the location (address) of the Administration.

Final clauses

  1. This Agreement enters into force for the User from the moment of his accession to the terms of the Agreement (acceptance of the offer) and are valid for an indefinite period.
  2. This Agreement shall terminate if the Administration decides to terminate of this Agreement unilaterally out of court with immediate termination of access and capabilities use the Service and without reimbursement of any costs or losses, unless otherwise provided applicable legislation.
  3. If this Agreement is withdrawn during its term, this Agreement shall be deemed discontinued from the moment of withdrawal. Feedback is carried out by posting relevant information on Service.
  4. If this Agreement is withdrawn during its term, this Agreement shall be deemed discontinued from the moment of withdrawal. Feedback is carried out by posting relevant information on Service.
  5. If, for any reason, one or more of the provisions of this Agreement are recognized invalid or unenforceable, this does not affect the validity or the applicability of the remaining provisions of the Agreement.


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