22 January 2022 14:30

Where you can find bloggers for account promotion

Where you can find bloggers for account promotion

Often, when the promoting an Instagram page is underway, many problems are rising along the way.

One of the pressing problems is finding bloggers to buy advertising. After all, many can't afford to pay for advertising from millionaire bloggers. So, you have to look for other active blogs with real subscribers.

Best ways to find bloggers for advertising

Use geolocation. Instagram have a search by geolocation, where you can find bloggers in special areas. Use the search box to enter the places closest to your target audience.

You can also use the geolocation of a particular event, which is similar to the theme of the promoted account. Go to the official page of the event itself, find the marked posts of the blogger, evaluate his account and order advertising.

But there is a downside to this method. Some users like to mark an implausible popular location to attract the attention of subscribers. Therefore, you need to carefully assess the accounts of such bloggers, and pay attention to the overall theme and location of their profiles.

Hashtags. In this case, the search function of Instagram comes in handy again. Use search box to enter a certain hashtag associated with your target audience or with the theme of your account. And the social network will automatically give out popular pages that have something to do with the request.

There is a small nuance: it is better to enter what may be written in the header of the profile of a person. For example, you need the theme of cooking, and you should enter the following words: cook, chef, and so on. That is, the key query must match the header of the blogger's profile.

The method is often suitable for those who are looking for people of a certain profession. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to find a blogger of related interests in this case.

Subscriptions to bloggers with same subjects. This method is usually suitable for those who specialize in blogging on narrow subjects. As a rule, people subscribe to their colleagues, or bloggers of interest.

Of course, as in any way, there are disadvantages. It is necessary to select bloggers for advertising manually. Also, blogs in which were used services of the pimping and mass following are not suitable. The subscriptions of popular bloggers show not only fellow bloggers, but also relatives and friends, who have to be selected and scrolled through. All this takes time and patience.

"Interesting" in the feed. Instagram has such a good feature as a search for publications by account interest. That is, the social network automatically calculates what the owner of the profile is interested in and automatically gives out posts with similar content in the feed. It's a great way to find a blogger to advertise with such publications. All you have to do is to monitor the posts, sift out unnecessary bloggers and select suitable accounts.

Disadvantages of this method:

  • The "Interesting" rubric often contains publications by bloggers of millionaires;
  • Publications are not sorted by geographic data;
  • It is difficult to find "average" bloggers, as the feed often contains either large blogs or very insignificant ones.

Competitors and their advertising. You can find your own competitors, and follow their ways of promotion. Their subscriptions often include bloggers with whom you collaborate. Or they tag them in their posts.

Blogger Database. You can find several databases on the Internet that feature both large and medium-sized bloggers. They based on potential advertisers.

The pros of such databases: you do not need to analyze the accounts yourself; built-in filters to find the necessary blogs; getting statistics on coverage and target audience.

Databases offer not only a list of suitable bloggers for advertising, but also to come up with the ad itself, as well as to agree on its publication. Some of the most popular services include:

  • GetBlogger. They have the widest base with more than 40,000 different bloggers. In general, the service does everything independently, users only need to find the right account to place ads.
  • Yoloco. Database is slightly less than the previous one. This base includes search on certain parameters, coverage and target audience statistics.
  • InBlogs. The main advantage of the service – you can check any account for the effectiveness of advertising in it.

Not everyone likes such a search. Many note that through the base with the blogger is difficult to negotiate a barter deal, or send goods to check the quality. In addition, advertising prices are often inflated by commissions. And there are no guarantees that the accounts do not have cheated subscribers.

Telegram chats. At the moment, it is not difficult to find such chats. Some of them recommend certain accounts for advertising, while others are based on bots activity.

One nuance of this method: the bloggers who are recommended by Telegram Channels are often loaded with advertisements, you have to wait for a certain free date. It also indicates that the price will be too high, the audience is tired of advertising. Thus, the effectiveness of promotion will be low.

Cons: reviews in such chat rooms are not always believable. Sometimes unscrupulous bloggers for their own promotion add fake positive feedback to the chats.

It is desirable to use more than one method of search at a time. If you take only 1 or 2 methods as a basis, then the range of accounts is narrowed and the search can take a long time. You can create your own hypotheses. For example, think about where the bloggers you need for advertising can appear, whom they subscribe to, and where they are active.