16 January 2022 08:04

Why Instagram Can Delete an Account?

Why Instagram Can Delete an Account?

Negative points also take place in addition to positive aspects in the development of an Instagram account. This social network can permanently block a profile for violations of the rules.

Why Instagram can ban you? There are many reasons for this. The algorithm by which the administration of the social network makes decisions on blocking is unknown to anyone except the administration itself. Nevertheless, the experience of many bloggers says that there is a reliable list of reasons why an account could be at risk of deletion.

10 reasons for blocking

In fact, there are many reasons why your Instagram page can be blocked. First of all, any account must be developed exclusively according to the rules of the social network. Don't forget about website restrictions. We recommend that you know a few gross mistakes, for which more than one blog has been irretrievably deleted.

  1. Rapid account development. Some users don't want to wait for subscribers and work on developing their page, and they start using third-party services for cheating. This leads to rapid growth in subscribers. The Instagram administration quickly suppresses such actions and blocks the profile. At the same time, such actions are not useful. Bots can't bring engagement to your target audience, so there is no point in developing your page in this way. In addition, Instagram always compares post statistics with the number of subscribers. If a blogger has a large audience, but gets a small number of likes in posts, then Instagram will hide this profile from other users.
  2. Change of IP-address. If the profile was used under different IPs at different times, then you can't get banned for this. You need to confirm by email to which the profile is linked that the real owner has visited the page. And if you go to your profile from different IP addresses several times in one day, Instagram will consider these actions suspicious and may permanently delete the page from the social network.
  3. Purchased account. There are services that sell profitable blogs. Yes, they have already been promoted, you can just buy them and continue to develop them further. But the Instagram administration keeps track of IP addresses through which a large number of profiles are created. And such accounts are blocked over time. We recommend not buying pages, but creating and developing them yourself. Also, don't register more than ten pages from one device. Otherwise, Instagram may take such actions suspicious.
  4. Using someone else's photos or videos. According to the rules of the website, users are prohibited from using photos of other people and photos taken from the Internet in their accounts. Such profiles are blocked in 99% of cases.
  5. Photos of any documentation. The website doesn't allow the posting of various documents on the web. These include: driver's license, website or email addresses, passport, insurance or certificates, account or card numbers. You are prohibited from posting such information in the form of photos and text.
  6. Creation of profiles not via a mobile device. At the moment there are many programs that can automatically register a large number of pages on a website. Instagram monitors and prohibits the use of such third-party apps. All accounts that were not created via a mobile device are permanently blocked.
  7. Publishing many posts with a break of a few seconds/minutes. Sometimes users create pages and immediately start uploading a large number of photos, videos and posts there. Instagram perceives such actions as spam and can permanently delete the profile. We recommend that you publish posts no more than once an hour. The best tactic is one day, one post.
  8. The same hashtags. The use of the same set of hashtags in each post leads to the fact that the social network stops showing these posts in the recommended ones.
  9. Brand creation. You need to be careful here. Instagram requires confirmation that the account is in fact a brand profile. And documentary confirmation is required. Therefore, if you don't have legal confirmation, then do not risk and not call the store a brand.
  10. Repetitive audience reactions. When a large number of identical comments are present under posts, Instagram takes these actions for spam. First, the administration will temporarily block the ability for subscribers to leave comments under the posts of this profile. If the situation repeats, the page will be permanently deleted.

Any suspicious activity on Instagram entails the risk of account deletion. If you violated one rule, and the profile was not deleted, then this doesn't mean that you can continue to do so further. A cumulative effect is triggered. When your page has been found to be suspicious several times, Instagram will permanently delete it.

Pure and legal social media profiles are rarely blocked. But if this happened, then such an action can be easily challenged by communicating with technical support.

There is another interesting Instagram feature. If some violations were already in the account, but after the expiration of time they stopped and didn't appear again, then the blocking risks are reduced. Therefore, when many bloggers feel the danger for their own page, they sometimes give a «break» to the profile.