18 January 2022 21:58

Analysis of competitors’ accounts

Analysis of competitors’ accounts

Analyzing your competitors' pages is an essential part of promoting your account. It is the analysis that will allow you to learn what subscribers are interested in, what new trends exist in the field, and how to do better than your competitors.

How to analyze of competitors correctly will be described in detail below.

How to find your competitors on Instagram

The most up-to-date and effective search on Instagram is on the app itself. Just enter a keyword in the search box on the subject area of the account, and the social network will automatically display a list of the most popular accounts.

For the first analysis, such a list of competitors will be enough. The more popular the account is, the more complicated it is to analyze and search for competitors.

Content analysis

After the performance of the first stage (search and selection of necessary competitor pages for analysis), you can proceed to the second one. The second step, in general, contains the process of analysis. And it is divided into several directions, each requiring thorough work.

It is advised to start the analysis with the content. It's easier to make a conscious decision about the visual component of your account.

What to pay attention to when analyzing content:

  • General visual data of the profile page. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the bio of the profile and its design to obtain the interesting "features". More than 40 percent of potential clients pay attention to the profile bio. Evaluate the visual content in general. Whether there is a certain color scheme, whether the main colors in stories, posts, highlights, avatars match.
  • Content of posts in the profile. Read several posts attentively, looking at the subject matter. You can also take some ideas for your content. For example, look at what your competitors have been up to in the last two or three months. And take some ideas from these posts.
  • How the interaction with followers is performed. You can easily check how quickly and efficiently your competitors communicate with their clients. It is enough to write to their profile from a fake account and assess the level of their service. Customers appreciate it when their problems and questions are solved quickly.
  • Engagement of target audience. Analyze to what extent competitors are trying to draw their subscribers' attention to their accounts. How to do this? Monitor all content and find out whether polls, quizzes, and games are being used, and whether there are activities in posts and stories. You can borrow some ideas for activities, but not all of them may be suitable, you need to be careful here. You can also borrow ideas about contests and giveaways from competitors. The most effective ways to attract subscribers: people make a repost of the post/story of the account on their page, tag their friends in the comments under the posts, the next day the contest profile chooses a winner using a randomizer. What do subscribers want? Prizes, of course. So, they need to be relevant, popular, and valuable to the target audience. It is worth learning from competitors: what conditions in contests to specify, how to conduct them, what to give away.
  • Sales content. It is important to find out how competitors sell, what key techniques they have to persuade the customer to make a purchase.

How the competitors promote their accounts

As soon as you find the competitors, analyze their content, borrow valuable ideas, it is necessary to perform one more important step: analysis of account promotion.

All accounts on Instagram mostly use different ads. You need to find out your competitors' strategy, which determines the effectiveness of their advertising. For example, find out what leads are applied by competitors, what key requests are used, and so on. All this can be examined on various services.

Targeted advertising is also a fairly good way to promote your Instagram page. It is necessary to observe and identify whether competitors use target. It should be noted: what "tricks" are used, in what format the ads are displayed. And you can find all targeting ads on Facebook. It is enough to enter the name of the company in the search box.

According to what principles should you analyze the promotional offers of competitors?

  1. The visual part of the ad and text. One should several competitors for the analysis (for example, two). Both of them use modern strategies, graphics, but still, have a different style of advertising. But there is one simple difference in their offers. The first one offers clients to buy a manual, learn new skills, and apply them, earning money. The second offers to employ trainees after training, and also promises to make the course the next day. In this case, the conclusion is the following: when formulating the text, you should not promise customers more than you actually have.
  2. The goal of targeted advertising. Some accounts need many followers, others need engagement, others want to boost sales. It's also worth noting how many ad layouts are displayed in the targeting. If the same company has several of the same ads, it means they are experimenting by targeting different audiences.
  3. Authorities for followers. Most shops and brands have several bloggers, with who they collaborate by buying the advertising regularly. The opinion of these bloggers is exactly what followers respect. Therefore, their advertising will be more effective for the company.

After analyzing the accounts of competitors, it is important to draw conclusions. First of all, highlight those facts that could be useful in your profile. Also, note interesting, effective ways to attract potential buyers.