16 January 2022 09:25

Where Can I Get Ideas for Content?

Where Can I Get Ideas for Content?

All Instagram users are on the social network to look at beautiful pictures and read interesting posts. Therefore, the design of your content should be of high quality. You need to know the main types of content and have an unlimited number of ideas in order for the blogging feed to interest the target audience. Below are examples of various content, as well as some ideas for implementation.

An Instagram post is not just a picture and a text. This is a long and hard work of a blogger to promote and develop his page. You should understand that there are several classifications of content. And each type of content has its own function.

What types of content are there

  • Informational. Subscribers should trust any blogger and commercial account. The informational type of content exists just for this. The text of such a post should benefit the target audience. They start to trust the blog, subscribe, get used to reading posts, trust information. Thus, the blogger gains expertise. If we mean insta stores, then there should be about 50 percent of informational posts in the feed. Such texts well reveal the essence and usefulness of the product for potential buyers.
  • What posts can be called informational?
    • a story about the blogger's achieved success in a particular industry;
    • fashion trends and the latest news;
    • short/complete overviews of the services or products provided;
    • texts describing the characteristics of the sold product;
    • a story about how the product is produced.
  • Content for entertainment. Subscribers are people too, and sometimes they want to receive not only benefit, but also entertainment from their favorite bloggers. Such content is necessary for the audience to change scenery so that they do not get bored in the profile. You can lure people into communication through entertainment. Thus, you increase the activity and loyalty of the entire audience as a whole. This is important for the development of your account. Entertainment in the blogger's content mostly takes up about 20 percent. What can we attribute to such posts?
    • provocative news to create excitement in the comments and on the page;
    • various questionnaires, contests or marathons;
    • emotional texts to raise the mood of subscribers.
  • Selling posts. When the audience begins to trust the blogger and treat him loyally, you can start using selling content. Such posts attract customers and encourage them to make a purchase. No more than 30 percent of such content is used in the feed. What applies to selling posts:
    • an offer to buy a product or service at a discount;
    • holding promotions;
    • confirmed reviews from buyers that the product is useful and of high quality.

Where can I get ideas for posts

First of all, bloggers work on their content on their own. These are their profiles, they make money from it, and it's profitable for them to come up with ideas on how to attract subscribers. But not everyone has unlimited imagination and creativity. And if a person is unable to draw up a content plan on their own, he hires specially trained people who provide such services.

What if your blog has just begun its development and you don't want to hire specialists? You can pick up ideas on the Internet, see examples from competitors, ask for help from friends and family.

Below are some examples of posts for different types of content that you can use for any type of blog.

Ideas for informational posts:

  1. Introduce an interesting section in your profile. For example, «Product of the week». Sell this product at a discount all week.
  2. Post-questionnaire. Take the most interesting and popular questions in the comments and answer them in Stories.
  3. A story about what is planned in the near future. For example, describe future promotions, warn subscribers about the upcoming start of the contest, tell about the upcoming marathon.
  4. Describe the history of the store, where the idea came from. If your blog is personal, then tell how and why you decided to become a blogger.
  5. Publish once a month (it is possible with a different frequency) company news, what interesting happened over the past 30 days.

Ideas for entertainment content:

  1. Take a photo of a sunrise or a mug of coffee and wish good morning to subscribers in the text. You can ask how the new day began for them.
  2. If your blog is about selling products, then you could write a funny story about how one of the products was used in an unusual way.
  3. Ask subscribers for their opinion on a popular subject, person, or event.
  4. Tell about the good deeds that the company or the blogger himself regularly performs. For example, donations to foundations, care for nature, and so on.
  5. Organize the game in a post. For example, asking a riddle about a service or product selling on a blog.

Ideas for selling content:

  1. Describe what promotions and discounts are currently available.
  2. Reviews from real buyers and pictures of happy customers with products.
  3. Organize special offers and auctions.
  4. Tell a real story about the life of a customer who once solved his problem by buying a product/service from a blog.
  5. Organize a contest that allows them to participate after purchasing a specific product from a store.

The content of any blogger or insta store should be not only useful but also varied. The target audience should want to visit the profile on a daily basis to read posts and share their own opinion in the comments. Therefore, you need to carefully work out content plans for your accounts, create new ideas, follow new products and trends.