20 January 2022 23:50

How to write engaging posts in the right way

How to write engaging posts in the right way

Posts in any blog and commercial account should be accompanied by text. It contributes to the attraction and engagement of followers. However, on Instagram users can only edit pictures for the post, but there are no tools for editing text. Yet it doesn’t mean that one can arrange the text haphazardly.

After all, it is much more pleasant for anyone to read a text with paragraphs, lists, headings and subheadings, structure, and so on. To minimally design the text for a post, it is enough to have a "blank line," a few special characters, and the foundation, which is the text.

It seems pretty simple but there are few people, who are capable of creating high-quality and captivating posts with these tools.

Select the paragraphs

First of all, the text must necessarily be divided into paragraphs. A continuous monotonous set of words is not interesting to read. Each paragraph reveals one idea. In the first sentence, the theme is given, and then comes its development. It is best if one paragraph takes no more than 9 lines on a mobile device. Otherwise, it will be too complicated to grasp a long thought.

Paragraphs in Instagram posts are usually broken up with a blank line. If this is not done, then subscribers may see solid text and will not read it. Some bloggers also use special symbols, emoticons to divide them.

How to make a blank line on Instagram

Many people have already noticed that Instagram often ignores the blank line indication and joins the text together. So, if you type text on your phone using "Enter" instead of a blank line, Instagram will likely display the text without the blank line.

What to do in such cases? As mentioned above, one can use special characters or emojis. One can also insert the “invisible” character. It can be found easily in every browser. Just type “invisible character” in the search field, copy it, and insert it into the necessary part of the text.


If you read the posts of other bloggers, many of them do not separate their text into subheadings. The fact is that this is not the most popular idea on Instagram. But if you combine several paragraphs with a single idea from the whole text, then it will be easier and more interesting to read. For example, you can divide the overall text into the main part and enter a subheading "prices", and indicate in it different price categories of the product, depending on its content.

When typing on a computer, it is customary to indent two lines after the main title and to indent one line after the subheadings. In Instagram, it is impossible to do this, so you can simply use special characters.

Yet you shouldn't get carried away. Excessive headings in the text may make the design too “dirty”.

Some people who do not know how to put a "blank line", divide the text with three or one dots. It looks fairly good, and the text is divided into parts.

Bulleted lists and enumerations

There is no text editor in Instagram, therefore, you cannot insert the list, as you usually do, for example, in “Word”. But it is the enumeration in the form of a list that allows you to avoid repetition, makes the text more engaging and readable. A way out of this situation is as follows:

  • Highlight parts of the list with dashes, emojis, or asterisks;
  • If the parts of the list are short sentences, you can simply separate them with a "blank line";
  • Designate a keyword in the text, put a colon, and start the enumeration.

How to highlight a word on Instagram

So that followers don’t have to reread the whole text to find a key point, the most important words in the text are usually highlighted. For instance, a person found a post, looked through it briefly to understand what it was about and whether it was worth reading. He found a keyword and could already grasp the essence.

What are the ways of highlighting:

  • Write a word or a phrase as a separate paragraph;
  • Capitalize all the letters;
  • Mark the word in bold;
  • Write the text upside down;
  • Underline the phrase;
  • Decorate the phrase with special symbols or emojis.

Naturally, you should not apply the same method all the time and in every post. To apply some highlighting methods, you need to use special apps for text editing.

The task of every Instagram blogger is to make sure that the post is appealing to subscribers. To do this, you need to remember a few simple rules:

  1. Paragraphs are the basis of the whole text. If it is solid, the readability will disappear. Subscribers will be bored reading cohesive phrases, looking for the main idea of what is written.
  2. The beginning of the post should be engaging, captivating, and even intriguing. Also, the heading of the post should be highlighted. The ways of doing so are described above.
  3. Use multiple sections in the text to combine different thoughts into blocks. In this way, subscribers will clearly see the whole essence of the text that the author is trying to convey. In doing so, they will be able to find the information they need very quickly.
  4. Application of emojis or punctuation for highlighting lists and enumerations. This adds diversity to the text. Besides, lists always increase the readability of the text.
  5. Highlight the main idea, keywords of the post.

It is always complicated to write high-quality engaging posts. Yet more practice is enough to master this skill.