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Should you use Reels to promote your blog?

Should you use Reels to promote your blog?

Reels is a relatively recent feature of Instagram, which allows people to post short videos to the network to be seen not only by subscribers of the account, but also by other network users.

This function appeared in Instagram itself a year ago, but in Russia it only began to operate in June 2021. The fact is that many updates to the application reach each user gradually.

Most bloggers began to understand Reels. Now it is important to understand whether this feature is worth applying in the field of profile promotion?

Key points of Reels

It's no secret that Reels came about because of the highly competitive Tick-Tock. In essence, the feature is completely similar to the aforementioned, new social network. What is included in Reels?

  • Addition of musical accompaniment, which can easily be selected from a ready-made base;
  • Application of various effects;
  • Shooting and mini-editing videos in Reels itself;
  • Filming in the form of a remix with other users.

Stories have been functioning in Instagram for a long time. You can post short videos of 15 seconds each, as well as overlay music from a common base. And many people have a question: what is the difference between Reels and Stories? Why was it invented?

The main advantages of using Reels are

  • The length of the video is adjustable from 1 second to 60 seconds. There is no such thing in stories. The maximum recording of stories is 15 seconds.
  • The new feature gives you the ability to post videos to your feed. When subscribers open a given video, the app automatically moves them to Reels. Among all posts, videos in this format are marked with a special sign.
  • Reels can be viewed not only by the subscribers of the account, as it is provided for ordinary publications, but also by all other users of the social network. That is, the videos are shown to those people who are interested in the subject of the video.
  • Increased base of tracks that can be superimposed on the videos. In addition, Instagram allows you to use your own music. It is possible to cut the audio track and insert the piece you need. Some music users can simply save in a draft of their own Reels to use it in the future.
  • If the video has the original sound, which you don't want to remove, but need to overlay other music, the new feature allows you to turn down the background sound to overlay other audio. It is also possible to record a video without sound, and then use the voiceover.
  • Creating duets (remixes). This is a video that is shot with another Instagram user.
  • You can change the speed of the video itself directly in the application. The social network offers a quadruple speed-up and a quintuple slow-down. But there is one nuance, it is only allowed to use such a function directly when shooting a video recording in Reels.
  • Users have access to absolutely the entire base of different overlays and special effects, which are generally used in stories.
  • Change the background of the video. The function is called Green Screen.
  • The timer allows start recording video for a certain amount of time after the REC button is pressed. The minimum start delay is 3 seconds and the maximum are 10 seconds.
  • Dividing the video recording process into several "clips". That is, you can shoot excerpts, and the whole video at once. The main thing is that the total time should not exceed 60 seconds. For example, you can shoot a single video in the application itself, then add a clip from the phone archive, and continue shooting on Instagram. Reels will automatically edit and the total clip will appear in the feed.
  • When a video is recorded in parts, the "alignment" feature will automatically appear. That is, as the video is recorded, the position of the other parts will be displayed concerning the first clip. Before the recording begins the phone, screen becomes transparent. Users like this idea - it's convenient for them to work with Reels in this way.
  • Each piece of video that was shot individually can be edited and trimmed. But you can't swap pieces of a clip. If a video does not fit within 60 seconds, it will automatically be trimmed by the app.

How Reels can affect account promotion

In fact, the creative new feature of Instagram does not limit users to anything. The most important thing is to include imagination, possess skilled hands. And you can use Reels with all its features.

What can be useful for the promotion of blogger accounts and commercial profiles?

First, the competition is a little less if you consider the promotion through Reels. While this is a novelty, not everyone can use it properly in terms of promotion. Anything new to Instagram has several promotional advantages. It is necessary to start mastering the skills at once, in order to have time to take your place in the aftermath.

Secondly, a new opportunity to use an unusual style of advertising in Reels. Facebook and Instagram have already started talking about how soon there will be a feature like tagging other accounts in similar videos. This is a great opportunity to take it to the next level and start making money from commercials.

Thirdly, Reels is designed not only for the subscribers of the account, but for all Instagram users who are interested in the subject of the video. That is, people have displayed all the videos that affect their interests. Thus, you can easily attract a new audience to the page.

Fourth, creating remixes with other bloggers also allows you to attract the attention of new people. This is a great way to promote at this point in the social network.

Any new feature in Instagram is new opportunities and new ways in the promotion of the profile. It is necessary to quickly navigate and understand these functions to make the promotion effective. And while Reels is not a popular way of promotion, it is necessary to use it.