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Effective audit of the account

Effective audit of the account

Marketers recommend that businesses should be reviewed on a regular basis. An Instagram account is no exception. It also requires checking, analyzing, identifying errors in content, and fixing them.

What is an audit, why do we need it, and how can it affect the promotion of the Instagram account? All these questions will be discussed below.

Why audit is necessary for the profile

The audit is mainly an analysis of the personal account and a search for the answer to the question: “why do I have few followers?” This process can be seen as inspection, which comes, conducts inspections, and points out all the shortcomings. It is after such a check that everything becomes clear, new ideas and solutions emerge, what to do to correct mistakes.

What is needed for an effective audit?

  • Checklist;
  • Instagram account.

In general, this process shouldn’t necessarily be performed on your own. Moreover, if a person doesn't understand much about such reviews. In addition, "an outside perspective" is better for evaluating a page. After all, an outside perspective is more reliable than one's own. A person from the outside can always determine what are the shortcomings, as well as give their own definite opinion.

The best option that many people use nowadays is to find an appropriate blogger and make a deal to conduct a mutual audit of the pages.

First of all, a checklist is created, the first part is filled out by the page owner (where all the original data about the account is located), and the second part is filled out by the auditor. During the assessment of the account, it is important not just to point out the problem, but also to propose the best ways to solve it. Then the audit will be effective, not just like a simple assessment, but will take the form of instructions on how to improve the account.

The purpose of Instagram account

Here the profile owner should write down the purpose the profile was created for. You can also include performance indicators to clearly understand whether the goal is being achieved. After reviewing the account, the auditor should answer as to whether the content matches the goal.


It is great when the content is different from other accounts, people can recognize it, take an interest in it. And it's bad if the photos and design of the feed are very similar to many other profiles. The most important task of any blogger or brand is to make it possible to identify what kind of brand/blogger it is just by a photo and a keyword. That is, it is important to increase recognition, to make sure that the account becomes individual.

What do many bloggers strive for? To be recognized by their followers through their content, not their nickname or avatar. Such recognition should be present on all social media.

First of all, everywhere, on every page of the Internet, there should be the same name of the store, nickname, brand. People always start their search for accounts with these names.

The profile description is an important part of the recognition. What should it contain?

  • The subject of the account;
  • What it sells/promotes/what the seller does;
  • How this page is different from many others.

The links in the profile bio should lead followers to the place where they can take their target action. No other links should be placed.

Content and visual assessment

It is enough to study the ten most recent publications in the feed for an audit. It is important to answer the following questions:

  1. Can you tell from the posts what the store sells or what the blogger is engaged in on this page?
  2. Is it possible to understand the meaning of the post from the pictures of publications if the text is replaced by hieroglyphics?

You should also pay attention to the frequency and regularity of posts in your feed. There should not be huge time gaps between them. How do subscribers react to the posts? The answers to this question are better sought in posts published with a long interval of time. For example, the reaction to the first post in the feed, and the ninth.

To keep up with trends and develop your personal taste for content, you can subscribe and follow the official Instagram page. The administration often posts the best photos for the feed. And you can also use the ideas of those accounts that you like in terms of visuals and style.

Sometimes it is important to look at the account not from the owner's point of view, but the follower's point of view. And sometimes answer questions for yourself: does the page have a content structure; are there certain headings; is the feed designed attractively and stylishly?

Target audience and existing followers

The audit is supposed to help to find out:

  • Who the followers are (predominantly what gender, age, city of residence, and so on);
  • What interests they have;
  • Do these subscribers match the target audience of the page?

Each blogger needs to know all the methods that help to wake up their subscribers, get them talking, get them interested, and motivate them.

Knowing the target audience of an account is essential for promotion. It affects the quality of advertising of the account. If you do not know your target audience, the entire advertising budget will be wasted, and there will be no more followers.

It is also equally important to create only content that is interesting to the audience. Otherwise, subscribers will get bored, they will scroll through the page or unsubscribe from it altogether.

Account promotion

The auditor should review the following data:

  • Whether the author of the profile buys advertising from other bloggers;
  • What promotion methods are used (paid/free);
  • What is the effectiveness of advertising;
  • How the metrics change after the publication of the advertisement.

Each blogger and shop on Instagram require an audit. It first of all allows you to identify errors in content, to raise the effectiveness of purchased advertising.