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How to Beautifully Design Your Instagram Page?

How to Beautifully Design Your Instagram Page?

If a blogger's page is designed ugly, unattractive, and uninteresting, then this will not bring you success. The potential target audience will not be interested in the profile, and your existing subscribers will get bored and they will «run away» from you.

An Instagram account is the face of a company or blogger, a business card. Any user of a social network, first of all, pays attention to the visual component of the page, and only then he delves into the essence. Therefore, you should know how to design accounts beautifully to attract subscribers.

There are conditional requirements for all blogs:

  1. More information. The user finds any blogger or any store in the search for Instagram by name. The profile theme should already be clear at a glance. If this is a store, posts must contain prices and product characteristics. Contact information for ordering must also be present for subscribers.
  2. Profile aesthetics. The entire page (from the main photo to the design of the stories) should be in the same style. Pictures and videos should be used only in good quality. A company or blogger should stand out from their competitors in some way, have their own flavor.

Rules for designing a beautiful page for Instagram

Nickname. On Instagram, you can come up with a nickname only using Latin letters. According to the rules, the profile name must be unique and contain no more than 30 characters. At the same time, subscribers should easily remember it.

If your blog is personal, please include your first name, last name, or nickname. If it's a store or brand, then include the company name itself.

Adhere to the following guidelines so that Instagram users can easily find the page in search:

  • The minimum number (preferably their absence) of characters and numbers in a nickname;
  • Don't use a large number of letters, otherwise, the user can easily make mistakes when searching;
  • Don't write several vowels in a row in a nickname;
  • Don't use the beginning of the nickname the same as that of competitors. Subscribers may mistakenly end up on the wrong page when searching.

Account header. The first thing that catches people's eyes when opening a page on Instagram is the profile header. It includes: main photo, profile name, blog description. All involving information about the account should be indicated here.

A person is unlikely to want to subscribe to a blog in which he doesn't understand by the profile header what is the essence of the page and what it is about in general.

  • The main photograph should be clear, memorable, and vivid. Bloggers with personal blogs need to display their own photo on their avatar, where the face is clearly visible. Companies and brands need to display their own logo on their avatar. And stores need to display a product photo or an association with it.
  • Don't use dark and low-quality pictures; small print that is difficult to read; color scheme of letters similar to the background color; pictures from the Internet.
  • The profile name is the name of the person or the name of the store/company. Any user of this social network can find the required account not only by the exact nickname but also by the profile name. Therefore, you can write a brief essence of the page in it. For example, a cake shop might include «Cakes to order» in its name.
  • The main information on Instagram is called the «About me» column. Here, the page owner is given the opportunity to describe all the important information, but this must be done in a concise manner. The website administration allocates only 150 characters for this.

    We recommend that you only include the key points:

    • the location of the store (the place of the person residence);
    • work schedule for the store;
    • activities or interesting facts (if the blog is personal);
    • contact information (for stores, ways to contact to place an order; for personal blogs, ways to contact for cooperation);
    • website.

Making up-to-date stories

This function is recommended for all Instagram accounts.

This is beneficial for stores in that they can indicate in them all the important information for buyers, which they will never lose and can quickly find. For example, they can place prices, product characteristics, ordering methods, customer reviews.

Timeless stories for personal blogging are a way to leave your subscribers a chance to revisit interesting facts about you. For example, to save interesting moments from travel, funny situations, useful information for the target audience.

Each group of timeless stories should be framed with a beautiful picture, which will be visually combined with the entire page.

Design of publications

High-quality and beautifully designed feeds attract the attention of most subscribers. Therefore, you need to work on this and know a few guidelines.

  1. Apply one or two filters to all photos and videos.
  2. Alternate camera angles in photos. For example, one post with a detailed shot, the next post with a half-height photo, and then a full photo.
  3. If there are inscriptions on the pictures, then the font and size of the text should be the same.

Stories should also match the color scheme of the entire profile. For example, if the page is designed in calm and bed-like colors, then stories with bright red shades will look ridiculous and ugly.

If you don't want to make gross mistakes in the design of your profile, you should prepare a draft version, write all the points for the profile design, come up with an account name, description, and so on.

There are many feed styling apps to help you preview future post renderings. You can easily use them to learn how to combine a color palette.

Don't be afraid of change. If you have a feeling that the profile is incomplete or requires adjustment, then you can change the design. The main thing is to monitor the result and effectiveness. Note how many subscriptions were before the changes and how many became after them.

A beautifully designed account is part of the success in developing an Instagram page.