24 janvier 2022 13:10

What to do if your Instagram account is blocked?

What to do if your Instagram account is blocked?

The biggest fear of any blogger is to be blocked by the administration of Instagram and lose their account forever. At the moment this happens quite often. In this case, the social network does not even give a chance to save or return photos and posts.

To avoid such a situation, you need to know not only the reasons why an account can be blocked, but also how to restore it, if it suddenly happens.

Reasons for blocking Instagram profiles

Unfortunately, the rules of Instagram change frequently, and the list of prohibited actions is getting longer each update. But the basic, gross mistakes, followed by an eternal ban, are worth knowing for every blogger. Here they are:

  • Constant complaints about spam and comments under posts;
  • A large number of marks in publications or stories;
  • Sending messages to Direct that resemble spam in style;
  • Violation of the author's rights. That is, using other people's photos, videos, music, publications, and so on, in the account;
  • Additional profiles, which are exactly like the main one. If one of them will be blocked, they may block all similar profiles;
  • Exposing erotic content. This also includes photos/videos of children in nudity;
  • Promoting anorexia or suicide in the profile. May also be blocked if there are complaints that the account information has led users to digestive disorders or attempts to end their lives;
  • The page contains negative, hateful, aggressive content, display of intolerant behavior;
  • Sale of illegal products: weapons, drugs;
  • Use the content logos of famous brands. Therefore, it will not be possible to carry out the sale of fake products or replicas on Instagram;
  • The social network will quickly block the account with Instagram logo on photos;
  • Collaboration with extraneous services for scamming, auxiliary actions and so on;
  • If the profile often exceeds the limits for making subscriptions, accepting subscribers to a closed account, likes, leaving comments and so on;
  • Using multiple IP addresses at once. This can happen if one account is used in different cities, or from different devices;
  • The presence in texts, photos, videos contact data, information about accounts, cards, wallets, passport data, any information about identity documents and so on;
  • The use of extraneous services, tampering with subscribers, likes, views, comments;
  • Openly conducting drawings, giving away prizes or cash.

What is temporary blocking

Often, for most infractions, Instagram will disable the account from using certain features. For example, for excessive commenting, the administration will temporarily block this function for the profile. Instagram may make such block for several hours, sometimes for several days.

If this happens, you should not react aggressively, write to technical support, or try to persistently perform the same actions. Moreover, after unlocking, you should not use this function again, otherwise Instagram will again consider it a violation and may take more serious penalties.

The administration often resets the account password to avoid hacking pages. It sends a letter to the user's email notifying them of the temporary blocking and violations. The password can be restored by the link provided in the email.

Once 3 temporary locks occur, Instagram can permanently ban the account. This is regarded as disobedience to the rules, disregard for penalties.

Actions after permanent blocking

Once the profile accumulates a certain number of violations, Instagram deletes the page without the possibility of restoring access to it. This is called an eternal ban. What do they usually do in such cases? What actions to take, and is it worth trying to restore the page at all?

The most common way is to claim your account has been compromised, even though this is not entirely true. In addition, you can only try to unlock the profile through the official Instagram app on your mobile device. The computer in this case will not help in any way.

There is a specific algorithm for restoring the profile on the social network's technical support site. But it is worth remembering that it does not work for everyone and not in all cases. Therefore, it is not necessary to rely on it.

This is what the algorithm itself looks like:

  • Open the official social networking app on your smartphone or any mobile device;
  • Find a "Login Help" button. It is located directly under the "Login" button;
  • Follow all the instructions that will appear on the screen;
  • Fill out a form with the information about the identity of the owner, as well as an email address;
  • To the specified e-mail should come a letter with further instructions. It is not uncommon for such an email to end up in the spam folder, so it should also be checked.

To unlock the account Instagram may ask the owner to send several unprocessed photos that were previously published on the page. The app may also ask for a personal photo of the person with a piece of paper on which a certain code must be written.

Some bloggers who have lost their accounts turn to unblocking specialists. In most cases, professionals help restore accounts.

It is important not to violate the rules of the social network, so as not to be in danger of being blocked. Not always and not everyone succeeds in restoring access. There is no one hundred percent method that will help cope with this problem. Therefore, there is no point in taking risks in this case.