06 février 2022 15:09

How to design a profile header on Instagram

How to design a profile header on Instagram

If the profile header is incorrectly designed, you can lose potential subscribers. Whether you use targeted advertising or advertise with bloggers, fewer people will subscribe to you if the header is incomprehensible or empty. Therefore, in the article, we will analyze how to design a header on Instagram and what it is for.

How to style your profile header on Instagram

When a user visits your page and reads your profile, the first thing they look at is the header. Through it, he will learn what your blog is about, what value you can give, and why to subscribe to you. If nothing is clear, then the person will close the profile and will not go to the posts.

If you filled out the header but did it wrong, then the interest of a potential subscriber will be weak. And it is unlikely that he will scroll through the profile further.

Let's first look at how to edit the description in the account.

Go to Instagram and open your profile, in it click on the "Edit profile" button

How to make an Instagram profile header

Go to the Bio line and click on the box next to it. When the input field appears, enter basic information about yourself and the brand - do not exceed the limit of 150 characters.

How to write an Instagram profile header

When completed, click on the checkmark in the corner and save the text. Click the checkmark again to save your settings.

How to use the "Website" string

In the Website line, you specify your website or messenger. Usually, it is located directly under the header block. If you don’t see it in the section settings, then you need to make a business page on Instagram. For this:

  • Log in to your account and tap on the three boxes in the right corner of the page;
  • Go to settings;
  • Click on "Account", then on "Switch to a professional account";
  • Tap on "Business";
  • If everything is in order, then you can switch to a business profile. To complete the procedure, click on "continue" several times;
  • Then indicate which category your business is in and click on "Next".

If you linked your Facebook account to Instagram, you can finish and add the site under the header. If not, then you will first have to link the profile.

So, now you need to add a website or another link to the required messenger or resource. To do this, again go to the "Edit profile" menu and go down. In the required window from sites, specify the link and save the settings.