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Promotion of the page from scratch

Promotion of the page from scratch

With the idea of starting a blog appear different fears. One creates an account, arranges everything beautifully, and the user starts waiting anxiously for the followers to appear, but they are not coming. And, of course, one starts thinking that it is impossible to be a successful blogger.

In fact, everyone has been down this road. Promoting an account will be difficult until it has at least 3,000 of the first followers.

Conditions before promotion

Before starting to promote an Instagram account, it is important to examine whether it could be potentially interesting for future followers.

The conditions for testing are the following:

  • A filled-out bio. It should be as clear to people as possible what the blog is about.
  • Set up a business account. It is crucial for bloggers. One can only monitor the statistics and the arrival of followers after advertising.
  • Instagram profile filled with at least 12 posts. New followers are unlikely to be interested in an empty page. They need to see activity, useful information in the profile.
  • No sales content. Until a profile reaches 1000 followers, it is not recommended to sell anything if the account is not a shop.

Free promotion techniques

  1. Tell your acquaintances, friends, and relatives about the blog. They will become the first active subscribers, will support the novice blogger. If you have a page on other social networks, you can place an announcement there about the presence of the blog on Instagram. You can also take advantage of the client base (if you already have one) and send out a newsletter.
  2. Follow the accounts with a target audience, like their posts, and comment on them. Thus, there is a chance for the promoted account to be noticed, people may visit it and subscribe. The main point is to be active, to remind people of the blog's existence wherever possible. If you know your target audience, you can get to know them, communicate with them, subscribe to each other, and like each other.
  3. One can hold a contest if the account already has a certain number of followers. For example, ask them to share a post or story on their pages; in return, the blogger chooses one winner randomly.
  4. Test little-known ways of promotion. Firstly, there are plenty of such methods, you can find them on the Internet. Secondly, major bloggers do not use such methods, which means that most Instagram users do not know them. This will attract a more loyal audience to the account.
  5. Challenge is a great modern method of Instagram account promotion. The idea is that subscribers fulfill certain conditions (dance, sing, cook a dish, and so on), make a post or story mentioning the promoted account. That is how a lot of people will find out about the page. Write comments under popular posts on the subject of the account. For example, if the theme of the profile is recipes, you can search for publications of recipes and comment on them. The comment must be interesting and engaging so that users can notice it, go to the account, evaluate it, and possibly follow it. According to this method it is recommended to proceed as follows:
    • choose 10 popular hashtags on the subject of the account;
    • write comments under 9 posts on a daily basis;
    • comments are to be exciting and detailed;
    • posts should have more than 5% of likes from the total amount of page followers.

Why the techniques may not work

If there are still no or few followers after a certain period of time, many people give up. There may be many reasons for that.

  1. The profile is not suitable for blogging. And this is easy to check, just answer a number of questions:
    • Does the profile topic make sense to most people?
    • Why does one need to subscribe to this page? How can it be useful?
    • Are there attractive photos? Do the posts match the theme of the blog?
    • Are the texts of the posts easy to read? Can they be understood on a cursory reading?
  2. The content of the account is not suitable for the target audience, which is attracted by promotional means. If you leave comments under posts about fitness and invite people to watch videos of kitties, it is unlikely that followers will pay attention to the account.
  3. The account isn’t active. One should make posts regularly, preferably 1-2 posts a day. That’s how the users of the social network will understand that the account is active, where plenty of useful information is posted, one can go through it every day.

The main points of promotion

  • It is important to use all the free promotion methods daily. If you spend only one hour a day on promotion, you're unlikely to get results quickly. It is necessary to try new ways, to test, to experiment.
  • It is important to keep statistics of the promotion in order to assess which methods work better and which do not do any good. You can also change the tactics of how to use them. Perhaps, some mistakes have been made.
  • One can create a tracker of regular activities to get used to the obligations of promoting an account. If one remains idle, the account won’t promote itself, and Instagram users will not know about the page.

So, to get more than 3000 followers in your account on short notice, you should work on the promotion regularly. This applies not only to the actions of the profile owner but also to the content itself.

You can facilitate the task with such a simple action as planning. Create a precise plan for promotion and stick to it until the goal is achieved. Another very good recommendation from the experts is to treat the promotion of the account like a game. In this case, the excitement will take over and it will go faster.