06 febbraio 2022 15:06

New Instagram Rules

New Instagram Rules

In social networks, there is always a section that describes the rules of conduct on the platform. On Instagram, the developers also made requirements for users.

Often users do not even open this section, and then they break the rules and wonder why they got blocked. If you don't want to face this situation, you can check out the list of basic Instagram requirements here.

New for Users and others

In 2018-2019, a few more rules appeared that should also be taken into account this year.

If you are planning to release your guide or relationship post, don't rush it. The content will have to be processed so that both children and adults can read it.

Otherwise, the authors of articles about relationships from the point of view of psychology will be banned. This also applies to those people who publish candid photos and blog about intimate relationships.

In 2019, it was popular among bloggers to talk about ways to make quick money on Instagram. Many posted links to the Telegram channels of scammers, "privateers" who promised mountains of money for a minimal investment. Now any kind of content that mentions big earnings is blocked in a matter of days for violation.

Even on the platform, it was forbidden to beg for likes and comments. Users often ask to rate their photos in exchange for the same action, but they do not fulfill their duty. Mass complaints about such people led to the emergence of a rule on Instagram about likes and comments. Also, do not forget Instagram limits, they have also been updated for new and old accounts.

Copyright protection has become even tougher. Now you can not publish other people's drawings, photos, videos, trademarks, and logos. This is the intellectual property of others. If you post something like this, you are violating copyright laws. Content may not be deleted, but if other users send complaints to it, it will be blocked literally immediately.

European Privacy Policy Instagram

In December 2020, many Instagrammers received a notification that some features of the app were now disabled. Many remained at a loss, because. The Instagram administration did not explain anything. What was it?

Directive 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union “on privacy and electronic communications” sets new requirements for the use and collection of data on social networks. Therefore, Facebook was forced to territorially disable some functions for users.