22 janvier 2022 14:13

Why do we need Instagram?

Why do we need Instagram?

The history of the Instagram social network begins back in 2010. The founders were two men from America. For the first time, the application appeared in its simplest form only for owners of Apple smartphones. The purpose of the service was one - to save photos for memory.

Over time, refinements were made and various filters and other photo editors began to appear. A version of Instagram for Android phones was also developed. At the moment, the progress of the social network does not stand still, and the founders continue to modernize it, improve it and introduce new features.

What is Instagram these days? It is a full-fledged tool for doing business, making money and, of course, communicating with your family and friends. Often Instagram is called a photo network. After all, the main part of the content here is photos.

What opportunities Instagram can offer?

Each social network on the Internet has its own, unique functionality, style, and rules. And any social service is designed for a specific target audience.

The same applies to Instagram. Previously, it was only interested in young people who had an Apple smartphone in their hands. Users took several photos every day and posted them online without any intention. Older people laughed about it and thought that only people who knew nothing but how to press the "take a picture" button would be interested in such an app.

Over time, things have changed. Including Instagram's capabilities have changed. At the moment, people can:

  • Share not only their photos, but their videos. It's easy to post content from your phone. It's enough to spend 2 minutes;
  • Write their thoughts under photos, tell stories;
  • Post their life story in the form of short video clips in real-time through the "Stories" function;
  • Process photos, adding emoticons, effects, captions, and more;
  • Communicate with their subscribers live via live broadcasts;
  • Subscribe to their idols and follow their blogs;
  • Seek useful information by viewing other users' posts;
  • Communicate with other people, their friends, make new acquaintances;
  • Promote their own store, business;
  • Make money from advertising activities and more.

In general, Instagram has become more than just a virtual system. Every time it brings users closer to more or less real communication. The same live-streaming outputs are proof of that real communication.

Why sign up for Instagram?

We described the main advantages and features of the application above. From this you can draw certain conclusions and understand what you need an Instagram account for.

What goals are pursued by those users who have been using this service for many years?

  1. Interaction with friends. This is probably the most important reason why most people download Instagram. After all, people often change their location, go to other cities, study, work. And it is desirable to keep in touch with relatives and friends. Social networks come to the rescue. Users post their interesting moments from life in the form of photos and videos, so that just family members can clearly see how they are alive at the moment. On Instagram, it is not at all necessary to subscribe to unfamiliar personalities or popular "stars". You can keep an account for yourself, for your friends. This, by the way, is what many users of social networks do. The profile can easily be made available only to loved ones, so that strangers can't view the feed.
  2. Benefit from reading posts and watching videos. There are quite a few interesting accounts on Instagram that share useful content for ordinary people. For example:
    • posts about health and illness;
    • posts about family and children;
    • posts about psychology and mental health;
    • posts about self-realization, various training, courses;
    • posts about trading and business.
    And there is a lot of useful information on the expanses of this network. Almost everything that a person needs to know is on Instagram.
  3. News channels. Some users are on Instagram only to read the latest news, to be aware of all the events, follow the lives of popular people. Most celebrities have long been running their pages on Instagram, communicating with their fans, sharing their lives. But in this case, it is important to remember that there are many "fake" pages. It is necessary to check if the account has confirmation. To understand this, you need to pay attention to the nickname. Near it should be a blue checkmark.
  4. Make new friends and acquaintances. Nowadays it's quite normal to make new acquaintances, to look for your love through the Internet. This method is especially suitable for shy people. Instagram suits this purpose, as well as possible. After all, it is in this social network you can see practically the whole life of a person, thanks to the stories, photos and live broadcasts.
  5. Make money from advertising. If you promote your profile, have a sufficient number of subscribers, it is quite realistic to make money through Instagram. Bloggers post promotional posts on their page or broadcast ads in stories, for which they get money.
  6. Open an online store. Another good business idea is to sell products or services on Instagram. Many companies try to keep up with the times and create a social media page. This brings them closer to customers.

Instagram is a universal social network that suits all people. As mentioned above, you can use it in many different ways.