27 Januar 2022 18:43

How to Increase Followers' Reach and Interest

How to Increase Followers' Reach and Interest

Since Instagram introduced new features and rules, promoting profiles has become a difficult action. Coverage has become much lower, and followers have little engagement with content. Almost every blogger has lost some audience because of such changes. Going back to previous stats is now considered impossible.

If in 2014-2015 you could easily get 1000-2000 likes from subscribers under your posts, now the same post will get a maximum of 200. And this undoubtedly saddens most beginning bloggers.

Therefore it is time when it is necessary to think up new ways to increase the coverage, and roll out new cards on the table.

Feed content

The Instagram audience has long been used to seeing beautiful posts. You have to match this kind of content to increase the number of subscribers. After all, every like affects the reach statistics.

If you look through the feeds of some bloggers, you can understand, there are more likes on good, high-quality photos than on home selfies. First and foremost, you shouldn't post:

  • fuzzy photos;
  • blurry, poor quality, dark photos;
  • photos with smiley faces, placeholders, etc.

It's best for each user to have their own style of photo design to stand out among the rest.

Don’t use any kind of spoofing

When a profile has a large number of bots, subscribers who are not active in any way and do not view the page, then they hang dead weight. Be sure to do a cleanup of the account. Such followers will never bring anything useful for promotion.

Instagram has this way: if the interaction of subscribers from Moscow (or other cities) with the content is not monitored, then other people from the city will not be interested in this page. Thus Instagram simply will not show people the account.

It is important to clean the page every six months from bots, people who came from mass-following, untargeted audiences. From this account will not lose anything, but rather free itself from unnecessary "cargo". It is not difficult to do. You can clean manually if there are not many subscribers, or you can use special services.

Using hashtags

Back in 2015, hashtags used to be very good at boosting a page's reach. At the moment, their value is a bit overstated. It's safe to say that hashtags are of no use and generally don't work to attract subscribers. But it is worth carefully studying your own page, perhaps users do find useful information for themselves on certain hashtags.

It is also not recommended to constantly use the same hashtags in every publication. And sometimes it is necessary to check them. Many hashtags in Instagram have become "trash" or just end up being blocked. It is better to choose a category with more than 100,000 posts.

To get to the top of a particular hashtag, you need to gather the largest number of likes than other posts with the same hashtag in one minute after the publication of the post.

You can use this method to raise the coverage as follows: agree with your friends (if there are a large number of them) on a mutual placement of likes. This way you have a better chance of getting to the Top.

Finding best timing for posts

There used to be "happy hours" on Instagram. This was a time in which you could post a post and it would gain a large number of likes, people would subscribe to the account, and interact with the content. At the moment, there is no such time. And each person, by "trial and error," has to pick his or her own time.

The fact is that each target audience enters the social network differently to view posts. And there is a "good time" for each profile. To use this method successfully, you should:

  • Study the statistics of likes, engagement of subscribers in publications;
  • Change the time for displaying of posts and to watch dynamics;
  • Test the frequency of posting content by day and week;
  • Create new content, if the old one is not interesting for the users.

Teamwork on Instagram

It's not uncommon for major bloggers to team up to work on promoting and raising their reach. First and foremost, they like each other's posts. There is an unproven opinion that a like from a blogger with more than 5,000 subscribers has a much better impact on the profile than the same like from a user with 500 subscribers. In such teams, bloggers share information, news, and test new techniques together.

To find such a team, you can join the chats that are in Telegram.

Using stories

Any blogger account is required to post at least 10 stories a day. Subscribers do not always pay attention to the posts, they are more interested in looking at a person's real life, which is duplicated periodically in stories.

In Stories, you can do a pretty good job of boosting your reach with activity. There are many tools for this in Instagram: ask questions, tests, questionnaires and so on. Drawings, contests, quizzes are good ways to get involved. Subscribers always don't mind "playing", relaxing, winning prizes.

Communicating with subscribers

It's important to imagine that subscribers are friends who are currently there and you need to have a dialogue with them. In each post, you can place a question that people should answer in the comments. You can also call them to action. For example, some bloggers explicitly ask their subscribers to leave a like or write a comment under the post.

With all the updates of the Instagram, we all have to put up with and adjust to this social network. If before, any Instagram user could see every post, now it is only a pipe dream.